ufocoin blockchain maturity and solidity Count Up


We have enrolled a voluntary team to help us in some services, at zero cost, we do it for the coin and the community.


Upgrading sites

One of our core target are the sites, we contribute to maintain fresh the online information updating the web sites, it's very important.


Monitoring the blockchain

We have monitored the blockchain, the mining evolution, the ufocoin network traffic and all important things that impact the ufocoin chain.


Nodes up and running

We have 5 nodes up and running to keep refreshed your wallet synced, for now with dynamic IP but anyway help to staying alive the ufocoin net.


Monitoring the price

The market is free, but we are monitoring the market price and the trends. It's a young coin but any information will be important in the future.

Raspberry Pi Ufocoin node

Our nodes are GREEN.

  • Very low energy cost
  • Modern and clear tech
  • Clean linux code
  • Very transportable

About the coin

Ufocoin’s algorithm have inside the NeoScrypt, which is an improved version of Scrypt. NeoScrypt is 30% more energy efficient than Scrypt, and ASIC resistant. Ufocoin have implemented Nite’s Gravity Well, which allows for rapid response to hash rate changes. Ufocoin make the chance of a time warp attack negligible. During a time warp attack the difficulty is reduced below where it should be, allowing the attacker to mine coins much faster than they should be able to. Also, Ufocoin have the automatic checkpointing set to a low depth, which prevent transaction rollbacks via a 51% attack. Thus, Ufocoin is much more resistant to 51% attacks and time warps, making it a very safer and strong cryptocurrency.

Hash Algorithm = NeoScrypt
Proof-of-Work Scheme = Proof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued = 4,000,000,000
Block Time = 1.50 minute(s)
Block Reward = 1,250.00 coins
Difficulty Retarget = 1 blocks
Default Ufocoin network port = 9887


Completed Projects


Satisfied people's emails


Worked hours for now


Happy community

ufocoin.co main site - ufocoin.it technical site

UFO Roadmap

Keep up to date


Numbers to show who we are and what we are doing.

To help us 1farm room
  • updating webs
  • maint nodes
  • bring ideas
  • helping the net
To stay synced 12nodes running
  • syncing wallets
  • warden blockchain
  • green nodes
  • raspberry tech
To be informed 2sites online
  • institutional presence
  • mirroring wallets
  • address genesis
  • spotlighting
To protect data 1strong blockchain
  • protecting coins
  • crypting data
  • for privacy
  • to be secure

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We are proud to be the home of one of the most strong algo neoscrypt coin.

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