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What is UFO Coin


UFO Coin is an experimental decentralized virtual currency based on the Bitcoin protocol. It offers safe and fast peer to peer transactions at extremely low fees enabling trade without the need of a third party.

The Agenda

Our goal is to help and promote innovative globally conscious research projects like:

  • alternative energy research
  • technology research
  • UFO disclosure and awareness
  • etc..

Soon the community will be able to directly take part in the choosing of what projects to help through voting and crowd funding.

Coin Spec & Security Features

  • Proof of Work mining
  • Rewards of 5000 Coins every 90 Seconds
  • Maximum of 4 Billion total coins
  • Neoscrypt hashing algorithm
  • Nite Gravity Well re-targeting
  • Time Warp safe
  • Advanced Check Pointing 51% Resistance
  • Client version

Greetings, Our team is always eager to discuss ways to help, grow and improve, if you:

  • Would like to learn more
  • Have a suggestion or concern
  • Looking to become a merchant
  • Have a project you’d like our community to help fund and/or collaborate with

Please drop us a line at [email protected]

UFO Team
ufo-logo-coin-tagline This is not an offer or solicitation for investment advisory services, brokerage services, or other products or services. Any views expressed are provided for informational purposes only and represent only opinions and should not be construed in any way as an offer, an endorsement, testimony, or inducement to invest.

—UFO Team


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